Statement to Portland City Council on predatory towing

My testimony before Portland City Council on predatory towing is up on the City website, beginning at about 4:00. The Council met on November 27.

Both Mayor Hales and Commissioner Fish promised robust follow-up….

I told them this:

“…Portland’s PPI towing system is built upon these fundamentals:

(1) An uninformed public, unaware of their rights under the law;

(2) Failure to enforce existing state laws and the city’s own ordinances;

(3) PPI contracts based upon illegal consideration; that is, apartment owners/managers receiving free towing services in exchange for allowing a tower the privilege of towing vehicles from the property;

(4) Tow drivers working on commission who make all judgment calls and create the documentation justifying the tow;

(5) Apartment rental agreements designed to create towing opportunities in violation of state law and where tenants are tricked into signing away their rights without knowing what they are; and,

(6) Price fixing, collusion and racketeering.”

Koin 6 is keeping on the story; more to follow….


About 1000nations

Sean Aaron Cruz is Executive Director of 1000 Nations and a co-founder of The Friends of Celilo Falls. He is the organizer of the Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival. He is co-author of Winona LaDuke's new book, "The Militarization of Indian Country." He is the father of four children who disappeared into Utah in a Mormon abduction in 1996, and the author of Oregon's landmark anti-kidnapping statute "Aaron's Law" (Senate Bill 1041), named for his late son Aaron Cruz. He writes online as Blogolitical Sean.
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